France Internships

Explore Your Culinary Dreams in France! Attention, aspiring hospitality professionals! Are you ready to elevate your skills and immerse yourself in the heart of culinary excellence? Look no further than France – the epitome of gourmet cuisine and hospitality. With internship durations of up to 6 months or even 1 year, you’ll have ample time to refine your skills and make meaningful connections in the industry.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to kickstart your career in hospitality!

Perks of Internship

1. 5 star hotels: A prominent and highly regarded hotel chain in the United States, known for its flexibility in providing opportunities across all departments.

2. Easy visa conversion: Visa can be easily converted into study visa and work permit after completion of one year internship.

3. International Exposure: Immerse yourself in a multicultural environment and broaden your horizons by working alongside professionals from around the globe.

4. Rich Cultural Experience: Discover the enchanting charm of France – from iconic landmarks to quaint villages, there’s always something new to explore. Your Schengen visa opens the doors to endless possibilities beyond France. Once you’ve completed your enriching internship experience, you’ll have the freedom to explore other captivating European destinations seamlessly.

5. Heavy Stipend: Students are compensated fairly based on their dedication and hours worked, ensuring a rewarding learning experience.